LGA Walter C. Erwin III Special Project Award

The LGA recognizes its members who have performed work on a LGA project or other project of significant importance to the LGA or local government generally. The purpose of the award is to encourage greater service to LGA and/or local government. This award category was established in 2003. In 2020, it was renamed in honor of Walter C., Erwin, III, the long-time City Attorney of Lynchburg, in honor of his embodiment of the principals of the award.


An eligible attorney or project that has made significant contributions based on the evidence of effectiveness and success of the project, including scope, importance, duration of benefits derived by LGA or local government, and membership involvement.


The level of difficulty in implementing and/or sustaining the project will be a consideration. Examples of past types of such work include significant work on an amicus brief, the drafting of model procurement forms, distinguished leadership of an ad hoc committee, drafting of model ordinances, and providing guidance on new legislation. 

Additional weight will be given to LGA contributions or accomplishments. Generally, work in the scope of legal representation for a single member jurisdiction will not qualify as a “project” unless there is work product that benefits or was developed in collaboration with other LGA member jurisdictions.


Nominations for the award will be considered every year, but the LGA reserves the right not to present the award during any year when it believes there are no qualified candidates. The award, when given, is presented at either the LGA spring or fall conference.


The LGA solely intends to rely on voluntarily submitted information for making these awards.


If you would like to make a nomination for this award, please e-mail the LGA Awards & Recognitions Committee Chair . Please state the reason(s) you believe the nominee(s) should receive the award along with any other pertinent information. Specific deadlines for submission of nominations will be published at appropriate times throughout the year in issues of the Bill of Particulars and on the LGA website.

Past Recipients

Name Year
Leadership Program Ad Hoc Committee Spring 2024
Collective Bargaining Ad Hoc Committee Spring 2022
COVID-19 Ad Hoc Committee Fall 2020
Attorneys Contributing to the Eighth Edition of the
Virginia County Supervisors Manual
Spring 2019
LGA Ad Hoc Committee on Public Demonstrations Spring 2018
LGA Ad Hoc Committee on Sign Ordinances Fall 2016
Sheri H. Kelley & R. Lucas Hobbs Fall 2013
Vanessa T. Valdejuli & Bonnie N. Brown
M. Ann Neil Cosby 
Jan L. Proctor
Spring 2013
Ellen F.M. Posner Spring 2012
LGA Ad Hoc Committee on Noise Ordinances Fall 2010
LGA Procurement Forms Ad Hoc Committee Spring 2010
Michael S.J. Chernau
Leslie L. Lilley
Fall 2008
James V. McGettrick Spring 2008
LGA Pro Bono Committee
LGA Committee On Issues Affecting Local Government Law
Fall 2007
LGA Economic Development Incentives Project Group Fall 2004
LGA Committee on Issues Affecting the Development
and Interpretation of Local Government Law for its work
with the 2002 General Assembly Joint Subcommittee
studying the State and Local Conflict of Interest Act (COIA)
Fall 2003