Primary Goals

  • Promote the continuing education of local government attorneys in matters of common interest. LGA has been approved as an Accredited Sponsor by the MCLE Board of the Virginia State Bar since 1986.
  • Provide a forum through which members can exchange ideas and professional experiences of importance to local government attorneys.

Prospective Members

Membership Benefits
Download a printable membership application form.

There are currently four different categories of membership in the LGA:

Active Members

(1) Cities, counties, towns, and school districts of Virginia, which are represented by their civil legal counsel; and

(2) Virginia Municipal League and the Virginia Association of Counties, which are represented by their respective civil legal counsel.

Associate Members

(1) The Commonwealth of Virginia, represented by the Attorney General or his/her designee.

(2) Other local or regional government entities and departments of local government, or entities concerned with municipal law, who are represented by their attorneys; and

(3) Firms that have attorneys who engage in a practice specializing in one or more facets of municipal law.

Individual Members

An attorney who was formerly engaged or employed on a sustained basis to represent one or more cities, counties, or towns, who wishes to maintain an affiliation with the LGA, and, if employed, whose employer, business, firm, agency, or practice is not eligible to be an active or associate member. The LGA board of directors may, on a case-by-case basis, allow a person who does not meet this definition to maintain an individual membership

Judicial Members

A state court judge or federal judge in Virginia. Judicial membership is complimentary and includes the electronic monthly newsletter, the electronic Handbook of Virginia Local Government Law, and attendance at LGA CLE sessions at no charge.
Download a printable or fillable judicial membership application.

Membership renewal

Membership in the LGA coincides with the LGA’s fiscal year, September 1 through August 31. In the latter part of August, LGA automatically sends all previous year’s members an invoice for the coming year. If you have any questions regarding LGA membership and/or invoices, please contact Amy Sales at 804-643-4433 or [email protected].

LGA dues for localities represented by private firms

Private firms representing multiple localities can choose to participate in the aggregate membership program to help add to our membership directory and to list all of the localities that the firm represents. If a firm selects this new structure, their dues will be based on the total population of all the localities represented by the firm and fees will coincide with the current active member dues rates listed on the membership application. 

If a firm elects to enroll in this structure, we ask to receive the request by July 1 by email listing all localities that are represented by the firm and designate the attorney who will act as the chief counsel for each locality. We will calculate the aggregate dues based on the most recent census and provide an invoice in August.

Firms who opt into this member structure can also maintain an associate membership with LGA, so the localities represented will be listed in the profiles of the firm's attorneys, and the attorneys' firm affiliation would be included in our programs and on our website. 

If you have any questions regarding LGA membership and/or invoices, please contact Amy Sales at 804-643-4433 or [email protected].