LGA Edward J. Finnegan Elizabeth D. Whiting Award

LGA's Edward J. Finnegan Elizabeth D. Whiting Award for Distinguished Service recognizes an individual in the Commonwealth of Virginia who has made significant contributions to local government law or the Local Government Attorneys of Virginia, Inc. This award was established by LGA in 1991 and renamed in 1993 and to honor Edward J. Finnegan and then, in 2021 to honor his wife, Elizabeth D. Whiting. Both were long-time members of LGA, authorities on local government, past presidents of the organization, and recipients of the award. 


Both LGA members and nonmembers will be eligible for the award. LGA officers and/or other board members will not be eligible during their term of office.


The award will be made to an individual who has made significant contributions to local government law or to the LGA. A nominee for the award must have completed, at a minimum, 10 years of “time in service” when the nomination is made.


Candidates for the award will be considered every year, but the LGA reserves the right not to present the award during any year when it believes there are no qualified candidates. The award, when given, is presented at the LGA fall conference.


Each year the LGA awards committee will solicit nominations from the entire LGA membership in The Bill of Particulars prior to the LGA fall conference. The committee will consider those nominations received, as well as any the committee members wish to make themselves, and recommend up to 3 nominees for consideration by the LGA board of directors, along with a detailed rationale for its recommendation. If less than three nominations are received by awards committee, members of the board of directors may submit additional names for the committee's consideration. The board of directors will select the recipient from the nominee(s) recommended by the committee.


If you would like to make a nomination for this award, please e-mail the LGA Awards & Recognitions Committee Chair. Please state the reason(s) you believe the nominee(s) should receive the award along with any other pertinent information. Up to three letters of recommendation may be submitted with the nomination. Specific deadlines for submission of nominations will be published at appropriate times throughout the year in issues of the Bill of Particulars and on the LGA website.

Past Recipients

Phyllis A. Errico 2023
G. Gregory Kamptner 2022
Cynthia E. Hudson 2021
Tara A. McGee 2020
Kathleen A. Dooley 2019
Paul M. Mahoney 2018
Jan L. Proctor 2017
Jeffrey L. Mincks 2016
Sandra H. Wiley 2015
Larry W. Davis 2014
Mark K. Flynn 2013
Andrew R. McRoberts 2012
William M. Hackworth 2011
Joseph L. Howard Jr. 2010
Ronald S. Hallman 2009
Sterling E. Rives III 2008
Walter C. Erwin III 2007
David P. Bobzien 2006
William H. Hefty 2005
C. Dean Foster, Jr. 2004
Sharon E. Pandak 2003
Elizabeth D. Whiting 2002
[No award given] 2001
Steven L. Micas 2000
William G. Broaddus 1999
Philip R. Trapani 1998
Harry Frazier, III 1997
Joseph P. Rapisarda, Jr. 1996
Wilburn C. Dibling 1995
Roger C. Wiley 1994
C. Flippo Hicks 1993
Edward J. Finnegan 1992
David T. Stitt 1991