LGA Service Awards

The LGA annually recognizes its members who have served local government in Virginia for 15 years or more. This award category was established in 2003.


Awardees are limited to local government attorneys from the LGA's active-member localities and full-time legal staff with the Virginia Municipal League and Virginia Association of Counties.


The award will be made to eligible individuals who have completed 15, 20, 25, and 30 or more years of local government service. Awardees must have served these periods in full-time local government employment or, if part-time, have served as general counsel for a local government.


Candidates for the award will be considered every year, but the LGA reserves the right not to present the award during any year when it believes there are no qualified candidates. The award, when given, is presented at the LGA fall conference.


The LGA solely intends to rely on voluntarily submitted information for making these awards.


Those who qualify for this recognition should e-mail the LGA Awards Committee Chair. Please send your name, position(s), and dates of local government service along with any other pertinent information. Specific deadlines for submission of nominations will be published at appropriate times throughout the year in issues of the Bill of Particulars and on the LGA website.