LGA Pro Bono Award

The LGA created the Pro Bono Award to encourage and recognize the creative contribution by a member of LGA to the provision of pro bono representational and non-representational legal services. This award category was established in 2010.


Attorneys employed by a current member of LGA who demonstrated one or more of the criteria list immediately below in a manner of particular relevance and application for the practice of local government law.


Dedicated time or resources to the development and delivery of legal services to an underserved segment of the population;

Contributed significantly toward developing innovative ways to deliver volunteer legal services;

Facilitated improved understanding of or access to the legal system through educational, participatory, or outreach services;

Participated in an activity that resulted in satisfying previously unmet legal needs or extending legal services to an underserved segment of the population;

Handled pro bono cases that favorably affected the provision of services to an underserved segment of the population;

Worked on legislation that contributed to legal services for an underserved segment of the population; or

Made an outstanding effort to provide legal services to an underserved segment of the population.


Nominations for the award will be considered every year, but the LGA reserves the right not to present the award during any year when it believes there are no qualified candidates. The award, when given, is presented at either the LGA spring or fall conference.


The LGA solely intends to rely on voluntarily submitted information for making these awards.


If you would like to make a nomination for this award, please complete the required nomination form and submit it to the current LGA Awards Committee Chair. Specific deadlines for submission of nominations will be published at appropriate times throughout the year in issues of the Bill of Particulars and on the LGA website.


David P. Bobzien 2011
Leo P. Rogers 2010