Curt Spear receives the the 2023 A. Robert Cherin Award for Outstanding Deputy or Assistant Local Government Attorney at LGA's Spring Conference In Roanoke. 



The Local Government Attorneys of Virginia proudly honors CURT G. SPEAR, JR., with the A. ROBERT CHERIN AWARD for his exemplary public service and unwavering commitment to the highest ethical and professional principles, a commitment which enhances the image of every attorney in our organization.

After beginning his distinguished legal career in his hometown Tidewater area, the Prince William County Attorney’s Office was blessed with Curt’s arrival in 2002, where he continues to serve as a Deputy County Attorney and a recognized role model. Curt has a brilliant mind and an incredible work ethic; he is dedicated to excellence in the practice of local government law and to LGA. He provides guidance and mentorship to others in the Office, willingly sharing his knowledge and experience to benefit others. Curt is always available to listen and offer advice and support to those in the Prince William County Attorney’s Office and in LGA.

Widely regarded as an expert in land use law, Curt has amassed a tremendous body of knowledge and expertise in this area. His superb skills, including the ability to convey complex and sometimes arcane information into compelling prose, have resulted in many favorable outcomes for local governments. He has earned recognition and respect from the governing body, staff, private lawyers, the courts, and LGA.

Curt is a committed servant of the legal professionand active participant in LGA. He served on the Awards Committee and chaired the Ad Hoc Committee on Issues Affecting Local Government. Curt generously shared his persuasive communication skills by co-authoring two amicus briefs, along with authoring an article for the VSB Journal of Local Government Law. Many have enjoyed and learned from Curt through his exceptional trainings and presentations at several LGA and VSB Conferences.

Curt is devoted to his family and friends. He and his lovely wife Lorrie are among the lucky ones who found their soul mates and best friends. Curt and Lorrie’s love, support, and devotion to each other is an inspiration. Curt is also an accomplished mountaineer, having participated in expeditions to three of the famed Seven Summits. And if you are ever in a trivia contest, you would do well to have Curt on your team. As a sports enthusiast, he captained the winning team at the world’s largest sports trivia championship for many years. Moreover, he famously was the Champion of ESPN’s Season 1 of Stump the Schwab. Curt developed his speaking skills at WUVA-FM as a DJ and a news and sports reporter. He was the host of SportSurvey and SportSpeak, top rated shows back in the day.

Curt is a great friend, colleague, and counselor, freely sharing his knowledge, experience, friendship, and good humor. He has always shown the utmost professionalism, the highest standard of conduct, honor, integrity, courtesy, and service to his clients and the legal community.

THEREFORE, in recognition of his numerous achievements, his laudable service to our profession, and his admirable character, the Local Government Attorneys of Virginia, Inc., on this 21st day of April 2023, enthusiastically, proudly, and gratefully bestows the 2023 A. ROBERT CHERIN AWARD upon CURT G. SPEAR, JR.