LGA Annual Sponsorships

Annual Sponsors support the operational functions of LGA allowing staff to provide the day-to-day services for our members.


Minimum contribution—$10,000 per year
Support is confirmed by the LGA Board President before September 1.
Effective September 1, 2022, annual sponsors will be invoiced for their entire contribution on September 1, which, at the option of the sponsor, may be paid in two installments (1st installment due September 30, 2nd installment due March 15). 


  • Entitled to:
    * two complimentary full MCLE registrations annually
    * five additional complimentary event (Opening Night Party or Banquet) registrations annually
  • Conference committee will prioritize offering speaking opportunities on appropriate topics
  • Provided the opportunity to donate promotional giveaway products
  • Recognition opportunities:
    * co-sponsors of the conference
    * an exhibit table for the duration of each conference
    * LGA website main page identification and dedicated firm page
    * conference signage, program, website, recognition at the Banquet
    * logo on conference general session AV screens
    * annually invited to the lunch with the Board during a conference
    * Bill of Particulars listing after each conference
  • Opportunity to submit an annual 1,500-word article about their firm or a topic of interest to the Bill of Particulars newsletter

For more information, contact staff.