In accordance with the LGA’s Policies and Procedures, the Nominating Committee for new LGA officers and members of the Board of Directors has been appointed. 

Tara Mcgee, Chair, County of Goochland
            ([email protected]; (804) 556-5877)
Brandi Law, City of Hampton
            ([email protected]; (757) 727-6174)
Will Berry, Town of Bedford
            ([email protected]; (540) 586-8133)
Tracy Gallehr, County of Fauquier
            ([email protected]; (540) 422-8010)
Robert Dawson, County of Arlington
            ([email protected]; (703) 228-3100)
Lola Rodriguez Perkins, City of Hampton (ex officio)
[email protected]; (757) 728-5172) 

Only LGA active members are eligible to serve on the board of directors. Active members include VML and VACo representatives. In addition, LGA policy guidelines specify that in reviewing candidates, the nominating committee will consider (a) candidates’ experience, commitment, and diversity of race and gender; (b) the type, size, geographic region, and history of board service for the member localities represented; and (c) representation by deputies and assistants, as well as private practitioners who are active members. 


FOUR OFFICERS, each to be elected to a one-year term (9.1.21—8.31.22), as follows.

  1. President (to replace Lola Perkins, City of Hampton)
  2. Vice-President (to replace Michelle Robl, County of Prince William)
  3. Treasurer (to replace Mark Popovich, City of Covington)
  4. Secretary (to replace Lesa Yeatts, Town of Herndon) 

While an officer may not succeed him/herself, each officer is eligible to “move up the officer ladder” and be elected to a new officer position. 

ONE NEW DIRECTOR, to be elected to a two-year term (9.1.21—8.31.23), to replace the following who will complete her second two-year term on 8.31.21.

     5. Director to replace Helivi Holland, City of Suffolk
While ineligible to be elected to another term, this director is eligible to be elected as an officer.

 TWO DIRECTORS to be elected to a two-year term (9.1.21—8.31.23) for a position currently held by

     6. Courtney Sydnor, County of Loudoun
     7. George Lyle, County of Henry

These two directors have completed their first terms and are eligible for election to a second term.  If one of them is nominated as an officer, then another person needs to be nominated for a first term as a director. 


New officers and board members elected in March 2021 will join the following members with unexpired terms. 

FIVE DIRECTORS with terms that do not end until August 31, 2022:

8. Andy Herrick, County of Albemarle (completing his second term)
9. Kelly Lackey, City of Chesapeake (completing her second term)
10. Rebecca Randolph, County of Hanover (completing her second term)
11. Michael Abbot, County of Wise (completing his first term)
12. Ryan Samuel, County of Arlington (completing his first term) 

ONE DIRECTOR, a one-year term, designated for the immediate past president

13. Lola Perkins, City of Hampton