LGA Sponsorship Opportunities

 Specific sponsorship opportunities available for the upcoming conference include the following:

Annual Sponsors:  Minimum contribution—$10,000 per year ($5,000 per conference).  Annual Sponsors contribute toward the cost of the Reception and Banquet for each of the LGA's two major conferences per year. Annual sponsors are entitled to an exhibit table in the registration area for the duration of the conference, one complimentary full MCLE registration, and four additional complimentary event registrations (e.g., Banquet or Opening Night Party registrations).

Prime Event Sponsor:  Minimum contribution—$5,000.  Prime

Event Sponsors typically contribute toward the cost of the Opening Night Party.

Banquet Wine Sponsor:  Minimum contribution—$2,000. 
Banquet Wine Cosponsor:  Minimum contribution—$1,000

Event Sponsorship:  Minimum contribution—$2,000.  (Events typically include 2 continental breakfasts and 3 breaks throughout the conference); Event Cosponsorship: Minimum contribution—$1,000.

General Sponsorship:  Minimum contribution—none.  Typical contribution—$1,000. (General Sponsors contribute funds to pay for various components of the conference such as printing, AV services, Internet Access, transportation, or entertainment.)

In-kind Donations:  Also a possibility, e.g., a waiver of venue rental fees or provision of buses for transportation.

Sponsor Recognition

All sponsors are recognized in the program, in signs at the registration table, and from the stage at the banquet. They are also recognized in the Bill of Particulars after the conference.

Sponsor Exhibit Tables

Each Annual Sponsor is entitled to reserve an exhibit table for the duration of the conference. In addition, an Event Sponsor that contributes at least $2,500 may arrange for an exhibit table for one hour before the event sponsored, such as a breakfast or a break, to one hour following it. (Any company or firm that is not a sponsor pays $435 to register a representative for the conference as an exhibitor, entitling the group to an exhibit table for the full 3-day conference.)

Complimentary Registrations

Any sponsor that contributes at least $1,000 is entitled to one complimentary registration to a social event (Opening Night Party, Reception & Banquet or Post-Banquet Party) for every $1,000 donated.

For further assistance:  Zach Eisenman, LGA Conference and Member Services Coordinator
804.747-4971 or [email protected].