LGA Committees

The vast majority of the work of the LGA is accomplished by committees, including reviewing requests for LGA to file an amicus brief, maintaining relationships with Virginia law schools, reviewing nominations for our annual awards, and improving our conferences. The seven standing committees are Amicus Briefs, Awards & Recognition, Conference Policy, Ethics, Law School Liaison, Outreach, and Publications. Detailed information on committees is available here. 

Standing committee members are appointed by the LGA President to serve a 2-year term, beginning January 1, and they may be re-appointed for another 2-year term. The committees meet at the two annual conferences and, as necessary, by telephone or video call. LGA has a Committee Member Application process so that any member can easily express an interest in becoming more involved in the LGA through serving on one of its committees. Whether you are a private practitioner or an in-house local government attorney, whether you are a "newbie" or a seasoned veteran, we hope you will consider volunteering a little bit of your time to work together with other local government colleagues to support our organization and profession.

The application process is also used to seek members interested in serving on a conference committee. The conference committee obtains speakers and sponsors, and plans the theme, program topics, and social events of annual conferences. Unlike standing committees, conference committee appointments are only for the applicable conference, with appointments made around the time of the preceding conference.

If you completed an application and your interests have not changed, there is no need to complete another application. (If you want to check to see what you volunteered for, here is the link to the database). If you completed an application and would like to be considered for an upcoming conference committee, please email Susan Custer and she will update the database accordingly.

For consideration for January standing committee appointments, please email your application to Susan Custer by November 15th. Applications submitted after that date will be kept on file and used for interim appointments.