Erin Ward receives the the 2021 A. Robert Cherin Award for Outstanding Deputy or Assistant Local Government Attorney at LGA's Spring Webinar Conference. You may view the surprise presentation of the award at her Fairfax office by LGA President Lola Perkins here


           The Local Government Attorneys of Virginia, Inc. proudly honors Erin C. Ward with the A. Robert Cherin Award for her exemplary public service and unwavering commitment to the highest ethical and professional principles, a commitment which enhances the image of every attorney in our organization.

            Erin has served with the highest distinction in the Fairfax County Attorney's Office for approximately 25 years, most recently as Deputy County Attorney. Erin's subject matter expertise is substantial and varied, ranging from lofty questions about legislative, election, and constitutional issues to more practical concerns about animal sheltering and solid waste collection. She tackles each project with the same level of enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity, always embodying the highest ideals of public service.

            Her service to local government law has been extensive. Erin served on the LGA Board of Directors for four years, worked on numerous committees, and has helped plan and participate in LGA conferences. After several years on the Virginia State Bar Local Government Section Board of Governors, Erin was elected Chair of the section for 2013. While serving on the board, she helped establish the Local Government Fellowship program which provides a monetary grant to law students who spend the summer working at a local government attorney's office.

           In nominating her, the Fairfax County Attorney, Elizabeth Teare, stated that there is "simply no question about Erin's devotion to the highest ethical and professional principles. Her legal advice is always well researched, thoughtful, and given only after all of the ethical angles have been thoroughly considered as a matter of ingrained principle."

            THEREFORE, in recognition of her many achievements, her laudable service to our profession, and her admirable character, the Local Government Attorneys of Virginia, Inc. on the 25th day of March 2021, enthusiastically and gratefully bestows the 2021 A. Robert Cherin Award upon ERIN C. WARD.